Celebrating your original wedding date

Ah, Covid-19. It’s brought a lot of heartache to A LOT of people. Whether you or somebody you know has been affected directly by the virus, whether you miss your friends and family, whether you’re a key worker helping others in some way, maybe you’re a small business being impacted not only from a financial perspective but an emotional one too or the main reason behind this post, you may have had to postpone your wedding. Our hearts go out to you all. We have all been impacted in some way and it’s important that we stick together at this time.

It’s normal to feel upset on the date you had planned for your wedding. You will have spent so long building the day you dreamed, only for it to be affected by something which is totally beyond anybody’s control. Even we sit here thinking ‘we would be just finishing the ceremony now’, ‘we would have some epic shots in that sunset’, or ‘about now we’d be on our third plate of hogroast’. We plan and look forward to your weddings, chances are we will have known you for a year or more so we will have developed a friendship. We feel gutted for you.

Alas, we must all look forward to a brighter future and we cannot wait to get started again. Weddings will truly mean even more to us all now, being able to have our family and friends in the same place to have a great big celebration of love.

Whilst it's time to look forward to your new date, we’ve complied a few ideas that you could use to honour your original date in some way - just as a little nod to the date you were due to say I do.

1. Plant something on your original date

Plant a flower with your partner on your original date and let love grow ❤️ you could eventually dry it/press it to turn into a charm, or take a little cutting to add to your bouquet or button holes

2. Make a playlist and have a good old boogie

You may have seen that we recently complied our favourite wedding cheesy hits into a Spotify playlist. Connect a speaker and have a dance with your partner in your garden or living room. A bit of cheese never hurt anybody! You could also have a romantic dance to your first dance song.

3. Have a virtual gathering

It’s not the same as giving your nearest and dearest a great big hug but having everybody together is one way to lift your spirits (you could even involve some spirits 😉🥃). Set up a zoom meeting room (everybody can have great fun with the virtual backgrounds, ask them to use their favourite photo of you and your partner!) and have a good chat and laugh with your family. Hey, you could even all share the same playlist and hey presto, a virtual family disco. Uncle bob will be doing the air guitar in no time.

4. Make a scrapbook

Print off your favourite photos and memories that you have together and spend time reflecting on the amazing times you’ve spent together. Get creative and make sure you leave space for your next chapter.

5. Food, glorious food

We love food. So it had to make the list. Make a dinner inspired by your wedding meal. Take the time to cook with your partner, maybe even recreating a three course meal. Also cake. Eat a whole lotta cake without the slightest hint of guilt.

6. Cosy night in

With all of the hustle and bustle at present, it’s important to take some time out. Maybe you’re both working from home or perhaps you’re key workers. Take a day or evening to enjoy each other’s company with a duvet, popcorn and your favourite films

7. Get crafty

Being creative is a great way to relax and I think everybody secretly has a little creative bone in their body. Perhaps you like knitting or sewing, maybe you enjoy paper crafts. Make a little something that’s ‘you’ and small enough to carry with you on your wedding day as a little nod to your original plans. Perhaps a little paper flower, a sewn message into a hanker-chief to keep in a pocket on the day.

8. Get Fancy!

You could even dress up on your original wedding day. It doesn’t have to be your actual suit or wedding dress if you want to keep the surprise for a little longer but put on your best outfit for your garden first dance. If you’re doing a virtual gathering, be sure to get your guests to dress up too!

9. Play Mr & Mrs (virtually)

We’ve seen an increasing number of couples playing the game inspired by the TV show and we love it. It always brings in a good laugh. Get a family member to write some questions, sit in front of your webcam and guests and get ready for the laughter to begin. You’ll need one of each other’s shoes to hold up as you answer the couple related questions

10. Raise a glass of bubbly

Have a bottle of Prosecco you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Today is that day. Pour yourselves a glass of something nice and raise it to your future together. You will get your perfect wedding day, good things come to those who wait right? Keep the cork for your wedding day memory box and look back on spending the day with the person you love.

If you’ve celebrated in a different way we’d love to hear your ideas! It’s a tough time for everyone but if we can stay positive, that's something. Stay safe everyone and our hearts go out to you at this crazy time ❤️ we look forward to your beautiful weddings