Coronavirus Update

It’s an uneasy and question filled time for all of us at the moment, but we want to reassure everybody that we will do absolutely everything we can to ensure everything runs smoothly.

As with every other business, we are taking a day-by-day approach to ensure your safety is paramount. We aim to notify you of any changes or updates to this statement as soon as any information is issued by the Government or the World Health Organisation

We won’t be making any decisions to cancel any of our bookings unless:

a) the Government and World Health Organisation advises to us do so

b) we become ill and have to self-isolate

If ‘b’ is the case, we are very lucky to be surrounded by a brilliant network of fellow photographers that we trust and we know value your wedding or event in the same way that we do.Our normal cancellation terms in our contract still apply but we will do everything in our power to find a replacement photographer (They don’t dance to Macarena quite as well as us but they can take stunning photos). We will be as flexible as we can be at this time.

A few things we ask from you:

  • Please keep us informed and up to date with any changes to your event

  • Should you need to cancel or postpone, our cancellation terms will still apply but we will do our very best to be flexible, we will work with you to find a solution. We appreciate this can be a stressful time and we will do everything we can to minimise any worries you may have.


We will endeavour to continue with our pre-shoots. If you or we need to cancel a pre-shoot, we will do our very best to rearrange these.


We have introduced an online questionnaire to gather more details about your wedding day. If your wedding is approaching, we'll send this to you 2-3 weeks prior. These will be used in place of second consultations. If you would prefer to still have a second consultation please let us know, we can skype or call you if you fancy a virtual cuppa.

Albums and products

Our album suppliers are working super hard, we love them. At present everything seems to be running well with regards to printed products. If we feel there will be a delay in delivering your album due to either our supplier or their courier, we will keep you in the loop.

What are we doing?

We've already implemented extra hand washing breaks and hand sanitising into our wedding days. Normally, we let little ones have a go at our cameras and look at the fab photos they've taken (seriously, some of them are pretty good), for now, we're going to put a hold on this for their safety. And before you ask, we're not stockpiling Jammie Dodgers, there's some left in the shops for you all ;)

If you want to discuss your wedding with us, we’re only a phone call, Skype or email away. If you need help with suppliers or venues, just ask. We'll make sure you have an absolutely amazing day.

So it’s business as usual from us, with some extra hand washing and using hand sanitiser on our shoots. Oh and don’t worry, jammies are still being consumed.

And finally, to put a bit of positivity into the World, here’s a picture of a happy alpaca. Let’s all take a moment to smile like this little dude <3

Please look after yourselves and stay in touch

Oliver & Lauren