Do I need a second shooter?

Updated: Jun 10

The simple answer is... well there isn't one really. Keep reading to find out more!

let's have a bit more of an in-depth discussion. But first lets have one of our necessary selfies with one of our preferred second shooters Pedge (Although theres many more mentioned below)!

When we meet with our potential clients we always start by saying "so tell us about your wedding day" this is a great icebreaker, as you would have seen our work and have a good idea of how we work by this point. So there is no real point to start immediately going in depth with how we will photograph your wedding day, but more important to get a good understanding of what your wedding day is going to look like.

From here we start implementing how we can add value to the big day by having group shots in mentioned locations and how we could even utilise locations outside of the venue e.g. Beaches, mountains etc. If the couple so wished. But during this time we also make a good judgement on whether you will actually need a second shooter or whether it would be an unnecessary expense.

There are several questions which we will try and evaluate throughout our meeting including:

1. How many guests will there be?

2. What venue have you chosen?

3. Is it a multi-location wedding?

4. Do you have various activities taking place? archery, magician etc.

5. Do you want to venture out for some couple shots?

6. Do you want both preps covered? and if so how far are they apart?

We have been to loads of weddings over the past 3 years of us being in business and have seen loads of different themes, entertainments and locations to be photographed at. From this we can confidently identify during our meeting what couples really need a second shooter and those where it may not be so essential. We also tell all of our couples that we make no money from them having a second shooter as the £200 fee goes directly to the second photographer.

So let's take a look at some of these questions then...

How many guests will there be? This is a crucial question as weddings vary from relatively small numbers (50-100) to large numbers of wedding guests (150+). Larger weddings we typically suggest to our couples that it would be better for them to have a second shooter, as this will ensure all guests are photographed on the wedding day. Smaller weddings are far easier to manage and ensure we photograph everyone so its not as essential for you to book a second shooter.

What venue have you chosen? This is a great question to judge the size of the venue, as guests tend to spread throughout the day so its a good indication to whether a second shooter would be beneficial. For example, Llanelay Hall is a small venue and a second shooter is not essential at all, however bigger venues including Fonmon castle would be suggested to have a second shooter there. Looking at the venues below it is immediately noticeable that the scale of the two are very different, which is why a second shooter is advisable at bigger venues.

Is it a multi location wedding? You maybe thinking "well why is this important? you are with us all day" and you would be correct. We will be with you all day at each venue. However, having a multi-location wedding does reduce time for photographs so one way to eliminate this is to have a second shooter. Whilst we are taking couple shots at the first venue, our second shooter could be on their way to the second venue along with the wedding party. This allows us to have more time with the couple whilst also capturing all the details and candids at the second venue. If a second shooter isn't there then the couple shots will be reduced in time so that we can get to the next venue to capture these photographs also.

Do you want both preps covered? As much as we love both the partners getting married unfortunately guys, our attention goes to the bride for preps. But if your preps are close to one and other or even at the same venue, then we can easily cover both without the need for a second shooter. However, if your preps are at totally different locations which are quite far apart then a second shooter is highly suggested.

Throughout this blog I have used the words "Advised" and "suggested". We only suggest to you if a second shooter would add benefit to your wedding day but we cannot tell you to book one. That decision is all yours but whatever you choose, we will be there on the big day to capture amazing memories and stunning couple shots which will be printed in a stunning album. On top of that, we will also create friendships and help out in anyway we can. We hope this helps your decision in choosing a second shooter.