Its all about the bride... but what about the groom?

Far too often we hear the sayings "its all about the bride" or "its her special day" but we want to change this to "its all about them" and "its their special day".

We love our couples and want to ensure both of them get equal attention from us before, during and after the wedding, when it comes to questions, concerns and ideas for the big day. It is important to us that both the bride and groom feel 100% considered in the big day and that the focus is on the two of them.

If you are thinking of booking with us and have contacted us you already know that we are firm believers in face-to-face meetings, as this gives you the opportunity to engage with us and feel comfortable that you're making the right decision (instead of just transferring a load of money to an email address!). During these meetings it is usually the bride that seems to have the most ideas, but what we encourage during our meetings is to ask the groom what they want/think also. Allowing the couple to both engage in a conversation and get some ideas flowing, which makes them both happy and excited. I mean look how happy they are leaving our meetings!

Of course most brides have been planning this special day since they were children and have the picture perfect wedding planned. However, the groom may also have ideas that they would want to incorporate and as a result couples may not see eye to eye over certain aspects of the big day. This is where we come in to get our clients on the same page, where both are 100% happy. We engage with these ideas, telling our couples how awesome a particular shot would be in that scene or how we could incorporate a specific detail of their special day into a photograph.

So if you're looking for a photographer who incorporates both partners into all aspects of the big day then please get in contact with us. We would love to meet you and see if we fit in with your special day. See you soon!