Lanelay Hall wedding

Updated: May 29

On the 20th of July 2019 Lorraine and Jeff married at the beautiful venue of Lanelay Hall situate in Llantrisant. This is a stunning, vibrant and niche venue that is perfect for a moderately sized wedding of 50-100 guests.

Although the grounds of the venue are stunning and filled with potential for photography, there is beautiful forest just next door to the venue which we could take full advantage of to add further creativity to your wedding day. It is also the perfect opportunity to have a bit of alone time away from your wedding guests for half hour.

The ceremony room is spacious and perfectly lit with loads of natural light, a photographers dream! and at this wedding had a beautiful hand crafted cake (which by the way I heard was delicious), made by Lorraine's mother, placed at the entrance to the ceremony room.

Bridal Prep! We help out in any way we can, may that be helping with the dress or pouring some drinks, I even found myself carrying some homemade chutney to the reception area at this wedding. We may 'only' be your photographer, but we want to ensure that your day is as relaxed and natural as possible.

At the start of every bridal prep we take five minutes to get those important shots of the brides dress and any other details that are important to her on this special day. By photographing the dress and details early, we minimise the chance of rushing the detail shots and potentially making the bride wait to put her dress on.

Lanelay Hall provides multiple, prestigious rooms that was perfect for this wedding couple. Jeff decided to also get ready at the venue, which is perfect for us, as it ensures we don't miss a thing! The guys took everything in their stride, with Jeff becoming a tad more nervous as the ceremony was approaching. However, this didn't stop him posing for the camera in a dashing suit and tie. I believe all of our grooms actually quite enjoy having their own photoshoot!

And in the blink of an eye it was 3pm and time for the bride to make her grand entrance to begin the ceremony. But not before Oliver grabbed a beautiful shot of Lorraine in her wedding dress. I mean even the hallways at Lanelay Hall are stunning and full of potential!

Jeff even managed to crack a funny face before the ceremony began - it's important to get those traditional shots, but it's the funny and emotional shots that can mean the most when looking back on your day. Especially in our stunning albums

A lovely service filled with lots of laughter, a few tears but most importantly tonnes of love, which was all sealed with a kiss and the exchange of rings

TIME FOR BUBBLES! and no I'm not talking about champagne (although there was plenty!), Lorraine and Jeff had decided that instead of the traditional confetti that they were instead going to run through a load of bubbles blown by all the guests... How cool is that!

We then moved onto group shots, as we always try to get these done as soon as possible so the family and friends can go and enjoy the day. It was slightly overcast at the time which provided us with beautiful natural light. At the start of any wedding day or before hand, we always scout the venue to find great spots for photographs. We decided that at the back of the venue was the perfect location for a big group shot and I even climbed on the roof to get the photograph! We don't let anything phase us

The photographs speak for themselves, with massive family celebration and great characters, which make the day even more memorable and enjoyable

Just before the bride and groom headed off for their food we captured some stunning couple formal shots in front of the beautiful architecture. Lorraine's veil was perfect for our favourite sport... Veil throwing! and some additional creativity


Dinner was split into two halves with some speeches before and some after. I love speeches as there is always something different, with brilliant stories to be told and this is a brilliant time to capture that natural laughter and reactions on the guests faces. With Lorraine's dad being a true champion when it comes to candid shots

Lorraine really wanted a bouquet throwing shot and thats exactly what she had! Just look at all those guests running for the bouquet because they want to book us!

During bridal prep Oliver continued to work his creative magic and had a vision to use the same prep room later on in the day. With this idea in mind, we whisked the couple away to capture some evening couple shots. What was once a normal bedroom, was transformed into a cinematic silhouette haven, taking advantage of the natural light beaming through the windows. We captured some stunning poses which both Lorraine and Jeff absolutely loved. All within the space of 10 minutes! so not too long away from the guests, which is crucial as we want you to enjoy your day as much as possible.

The best part of the night? Party time! Every single guest was up on their feet dancing to some 80's and 90's classics, even I took to the dance-floor when Mr Brightside came on.

And with that the wedding day came to a close. Thank you Lorraine and Jeff for letting us be a part of your day at your beautiful wedding at Lanelay Hall!

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