Llandaff Fields Family Photoshoot

Well today was a fun one with a family photoshoot at the lovely location of Llandaff Fields of the families three grandchildren as a gift for their grandmother. At the start the weather wasn't looking on our side with mild showers and the prospect of worse weather to come. Fortunately however our luck turned and the sun shone brightly over the beautiful landscape.

We were greeted by the lovely granddaughter who had definitely been eating some sweeties before the photoshoot, as she didn't stop running around and playing the whole time (made us tired just watching her run around!). But during her breathers between laps of the grounds we captured a beautiful moment of her looking straight at our camera.

And we even got her to have a photo with the two boys also

We had a lot of fun with several games of tag, a bit of football and hide and seek!


This little one's absolute favourite thing was definitely being swung 1000 feet up in the air with her giggling uncontrollably and asking everyone to join in.

We also love capturing those special, angelic moments and turning them into stunning images that will be cherished forever and boy don't we just love black and white.

Too wrap the photoshoot up we incorporated the slightly camera shy dad into the family portrait in a lovely setting, within Llandaff Fields

We love family photoshoots and cannot wait to start photographing more this autumn.

Thankyou for letting us photograph your special memories together!