Llechwen Hall Wedding

The first wedding we photographed was at Llechwen Hall and our Bride and Groom stole the show. Both of them looked superb on the big day with the beautiful Carolyn and charming Dave being the best first clients we could have asked for.

We started the day with Carolyn's bridal prep, where there was lots of friendly chatter and laughter between friends. With us all admiring how stunning Carolyn's dress and other essential details


With a few moments to spare Carolyn made her way down to the ceremony room. I met with David at the front of the room and waited for Carolyn to gracefully start walking down the aisle. A few tears were shed along with lots of smiling and happiness as they said their vows to one and other, which were sealed with a kiss.

Wooo group shots! When a photographer commences their herding skills to collect uncle John and auntie maureen for some lovely group photos together with the newly wedded couple. After a quick series of group shots we left the guests to enjoy some bubbles and food, whilst we whisked Carolyn and David off for some couple formal photographs in the amazing grounds offered by Llechwen Hall.

SPEECH!!! Our absolute favourite part of the wedding, where we get to here the famous best mans speech along with other beautiful words by others. We love speeches as its the perfect time to capture true emotion throughout the guests and most importantly the bride and groom as they all listen to all the fun stories people have shared together.

And with that we left the couple to enjoy their food with their gusts, whilst we went to grab a bite to eat and also do some crucial backing up of images to several hard drives (better to be safe than sorry). We knew Carolyn and David well from several meetings with them prior to the big day, so we knew they were a fun couple who were up for anything. So we decided to pose some shots throughout Llechwen with them and boy didn't they turn out good, with credit given to David on the amazing facial expressions.

PARTY TIME!!! It was now time for Carolyn and David to have their first dance and also to commence in what was an amazing disco dance with all of their family and friends with David taking centre stage!

Thankyou Carolyn and David for letting us photograph your wedding as new photographers we loved every second of your wedding and it provided us with the confidence to continue our career in wedding photography. Taking on several more bookings and having our brand and demand grow.

We wish you all the best in your marriage together.