Baby Logan

Well this week has been filled with baby shoots and here is a prime example of a professional posing baby.

Baby Logan is the son of two personal friends of mine and what a delight this young boy was to photograph. Logan just sat and smiled, with the occasional cry that was quickly solved by a cwtch and feed from his mum and dad.

I enjoyed the photoshoot so much time got flew by and before I knew it two hours had gone by but it was so fab just being able to pose baby Logan for specific photographs and him not creating a fuss in the slightest. He just sat there, smiled and took it in his stride.

My favourite photographs of Baby Logan are the close up shots, although subject to preference, I absolutely love these photographs of the natural folds and smoothness of the light falling on Logan and creating some lovely detailed images.

If you would like a photoshoot like that of Baby Logans then please feel free to drop us a message or use our contact page.