"Please sir can I have some more?"

Judging by the title and the name of our photographer, you have probably made a good guess on what this blog is about... yep that's right FOOD!

(This is by no means a rant but more an informative blog for all couples getting married when booking their wedding photographer)

A common problem amongst most photographers isn't the technicality of their job trying to figure out how the light will work using the inverse square law or what shutter speed we should use in accordance to the reciprocal rule.... OMG! We're actually quite smart.

But something us suppliers have to think about, us included, is food. Now Oliver is a big guy and Lauren can eat her way through a buffet too. When we first started our photography business we didn't think about being fed but we quickly learnt that we need fuel to get through the day.

A typical day for a photographer involved in a wedding typically starts around 6am, where everything is packed, organised, put in the boot of the car, grab a bite to eat and commence travelling to the venue for the bridal + groom prep shoots.

Upon arrival the preparation shoots commence along with scouting the area for shots later on in the day, if not done so already (we already know the location because we offer free pre-wedding photoshoots as part of our packages!). The bridal and groom preps last approximately 3 hours, if not more, with bubbly being passed around the room and loads of happy, emotional moments which we love to capture. Then it is time to get suited and booted and travel to the ceremony to get married.

After the ceremony is the group shots (stay tuned for a blog about these bad boys!). By this point Oliver probably has Jammie Dodgers on the brain... mmmmm Jammie Dodgers. It's easy to lose your trail of thought when thinking about those gorgeous biscuits filled with gooey jam nom nom nom.

So where were we? Group shots! When we have managed to grab uncle bob from the bar and auntie maureen from the bouncy castle the group shots commence, with Oliver probably getting a selfie with the bride and groom at the same time (selfies are an essential part of our business model).

With group shots done, we get onto couple formals, allowing the family to mingle eat canapè's and drink a refreshing beverage. We typically take our couple for a little walk around the venue, utilising all the time we have with them and ensuring they are well looked after. By this point it is roughly 2pm in the afternoon and we haven't eaten since 6 in the morning when we left, excpet the odd cheeky jammie (insert belly grumble noises here).

Then it's time for food or now becoming more popular, the speeches before the meal, which will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on how good that all important best man's speech is, we've heard some belters.

Woohoo finally din dins! But wait a second, photographers don't typically get fed until after all of the guests have been fed, which is completely understandable and in fact it gives us time to backup all those important photographs we have taken so far. Yes we back up during the day as those shots are so important, we save them onto two hard drives during the day.

So at approximately 3-4pm it's dinner time. Now typically we have each individually burnt around 4000 calories and walked 15,000 steps by this point in the day, so lets just say we lick the plates clean. In the past we've brought our own food however, we began to discover than warm meal deals aren't so great after all, we also don't want to risk getting ill throughout the day.

For anybody who reads our contract, you may notice that we now ask to be provided with food. This is not to be cheeky and we don't expect a full three-course meal like your guests (we may have to have a nap otherwise) however, we do ask that you pop us a sandwich or a meal behind the bar - just to keep us going (if you let us have your hog-roast leftovers, we'll love you forever).

Now for some more couple formals with the beautiful sun sets, along with detail shots of the rings, capturing those unposed (candid) moments between family members and doing anything else that the couple wants to make their day run smoothly. From getting them a glass of wine to finding out where nana's got to... typically she'll be found on the dance floor bopping along to Rick Astley's mega mix

The time is now 6-8pm and its time for the first dance, after us already preparing with light setups etc. and then onto Olivers favourite part of the day... disco time. He absolutely loves the macarena amongst many other wedding classics and yes he will be dancing as well as photographing.

The day draws to a close and we borrow the couple one last time to get some stunning night photographs (Yes, we photograph in the dark and we think the photos speak for themselves!).

So at around 8-10pm we wrap up the day and with the couples consent we make our way home. Completing approximately a 12-16 hour day on one meal and after burning about 5000 calories.

So that's a little overview as to why you'll see food popping up into our contract and the same for other suppliers too - check if they need to be fed too!

We should say a big thank you to every one of our couple's for always providing us the most amazing food. We've sampled some of the best, from fish and chip buffets to a whopping great big cheese board (Lauren lives in a dreamy world filled with cheese).

Make sure you go and check out Emma's blog over at Purple Rose photography for her post on whether you should feed your photographer.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Now let's get you booked in with a photographer who ensures that the couple are 100% happy, have amazing photographs and will dance with the couple to YMCA and helps in any way shape or form they can.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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