We employ your guests!

We absolutely love getting everyone involved on the big day, as family is such an important part to every wedding day and we love making new friendships that will last a lifetime (loads of instagram and facebook likes/follows!).

Wedding days are very busy and filled with loads of exciting moments which we love to capture but this means we sometimes need an extra pair of hands to grab some of our camera equipment for us. This is where the role of HLS comes in!

Job Description

HLS or Human Light Stand to those of you who don't know, is a very important role which requires commitment, enthusiasm and most importantly and I cannot stress this enough... the ability to hold a light stand. This role has been given to a lucky few at various weddings and we have been very happy with our 1-day only employees! They have done an awesome job!!! The position is unpaid however, they may receive a few Jammie Dodgers if they are lucky (Oliver Doesn't hand them out often) and they will most certainly be entertained by Olivers silly faces and bad dad jokes.

Some of our HLS's take the job role very seriously indeed...

We have had bridesmaids and groomsmen showing high enthusiasm for the job role on the big day. On a seriousness note, this role was made by us to get your family as involved as possible on the big day, as we know how important family is to all of our couples. So what better way to get them on board than with temporary employment.

So if you're a couple who is currently looking for a wedding photographer that gets people involved and doesn't move them to one side on your special day, then get in touch! we would love to hear from you and get more HLS's booked in to help out.

See you soon!