The importance of our Pre-wedding shoots

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Here at Oliver Rees Photography we pride ourselves in our pre-wedding photoshoots. This is the perfect opportunity for our clients to get comfortable in front of the camera and get used to our team.

Sure, you will have already met us (for our consultations) but you haven't met us with our camera. We find that all couples who have our pre-wedding photoshoots are more relaxed on the wedding day than those who haven't. And they're free so why not have one?

Some couples will naturally feel nervous at the thought of being in front of the camera and that's completely normal! If you're not used to having your photograph taken it can seem daunting however, our aim is to take those feelings away. By the end of the shoot you'll be a complete natural!

Our pre-wedding shoots typically last for an hour and it's just an opportunity to make you as relaxed as possible so you won't even notice that we're there. We'll probably make you do a silly dance, skim some stones at the beach and just have some fun! Think of the actual photographs themselves as a big bonus - this session is purely designed to relax and have fun in preparation for your big day.

All of our pre-wedding shoots are again 100% free as it benefits both you and us, as we get to know you better so that we know what you are comfortable in doing when it comes to the big day. You simply get in touch with us after choosing your package and provide us with a location and a few dates that you are available and the rest you leave to us (Jammie Dodgers are always a nice addition).

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